My Office Desk

Just a typical day. I wanted to take a picture of my messy desk while working on our Java core program on a virtual machine. That was my pin board on the left side. Some notes I wanted to remember, some quotes I needed to see. On my desk were my water bottle, mug, sticky notes, Read more about My Office Desk[…]

the plantation makati

The Plantation Makati

Hungry again, we went to The Plantation Bar & Bistro. This was how we spent celebrating the 2nd part of my mother’s day. We ordered Carbonara Linguine, Shrimp Pesto, Seafood Putanesca, and bottomless iced tea. The pastas’ taste were great. My mother and I like Seafood Putanesca the most while my sister enjoyed her Shrimp Pesto. Read more about The Plantation Makati[…]

Dolphin Adventure

It was my first time to personally watch a dolphin show. They are truly an amazing and intelligent creature. With their trainers instructions, they performed some eye-opening tricks on the water surface like leaping, diving and walking through their flukes. They even know how to pose on a picture! While they may provide entertainment to us, it is Read more about Dolphin Adventure[…]

Lassy Got New Clothes

That light blue clothes plus a yellow bell was a perfect fit for our dog Lassy. Good thing I was quick enough to capture her pose because she usually moves around. A while after, she was already gasping so I decided to remove her clothes. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I also knew that animals also feel hot. Read more about Lassy Got New Clothes[…]