Development vs. Design

Before, when I just had a little knowledge and skill about web UI, I used to say functionality should be prioritized over design. But now, when over a year of web development also exposed me to experience designing web-based systems, I’m having a little dilemma on what to do first, design or program? I just started Read more about Development vs. Design[…]


I write when I’m sad. A melancholy mood makes my mind think about a lot of random things. So, I try to express my ideas by putting them into words. But sometimes it also adds burden to my heart when I can’t think of a concise word to appropriately express what I imagine or picture in mind. Read more about Hiatus[…]

Catching Up at Chubby’s

Michelle and I. It was our first time to eat together in Chubby’s Rib Rib Shack. When we entered, the ambiance prepared us for a delicious food that would match the place. A modern shack with woods, metals, glasses and bricks as its interior design. Pop music was playing on background. There were only few people eating that Read more about Catching Up at Chubby’s[…]

World Quiz!

I’ve been playing this game lately. It is called TapQuiz Maps by RolzoR. It helps me memorize the geographical location of each country; states of USA or provinces of Canada. There comes a time when a certain country is on the news, or I’ve heard it somewhere, through a friend or someone have talked about it and Read more about World Quiz![…]

Fly Again, Fly Higher

My lovely and hardworking mother went off again abroad. It’s as if it was just yesterday when she came, now she flew again. This time it will be in Kuwait. Her perseverance and dedication will surely make her dreams for herself and for us, her family come true. We’re thankful that she still has the chance to Read more about Fly Again, Fly Higher[…]

Sunday Bonding

My mother, sister and I hung out again. First, we went to Banahaw Heals Spa near SM Molino. I decided to acquire lifetime family membership so we’ll get discounts to their services. It was our first time here so we tried their Hilot Kagalingan or Banahaw Signature 5-in-1 Healing Massage. The place’s ambiance was quite Read more about Sunday Bonding[…]

Photos of June

This is my collection of the  daily photos I took for the month of June. Another reminder for me that every other day is not the same shit. Plus I can easily see and remember what I did or what happened for that particular day. The food I ate, stuffs I bought, or the places Read more about Photos of June[…]