Development vs. Design

Before, when I just had a little knowledge and skill about web UI, I used to say functionality should be prioritized over design. But now, when over a year of web development also exposed me to experience designing web-based systems, I’m having a little dilemma on what to do first, design or program? I just started Read more about Development vs. Design[…]


I write when I’m sad. A melancholy mood makes my mind think about a lot of random things. So, I try to express my ideas by putting them into words. But sometimes it also adds burden to my heart when I can’t think of a concise word to appropriately express what I imagine or picture in mind. Read more about Hiatus[…]

World Quiz!

I’ve been playing this game lately. It is called TapQuiz Maps by RolzoR. It helps me memorize the geographical location of each country; states of USA or provinces of Canada. There comes a time when a certain country is on the news, or I’ve heard it somewhere, through a friend or someone have talked about it and Read more about World Quiz![…]

Photos of June

This is my collection of the  daily photos I took for the month of June. Another reminder for me that every other day is not the same shit. Plus I can easily see and remember what I did or what happened for that particular day. The food I ate, stuffs I bought, or the places Read more about Photos of June[…]