I write when I’m sad. A melancholy mood makes my mind think about a lot of random things. So, I try to express my ideas by putting them into words. But sometimes it also adds burden to my heart when I can’t think of a concise word to appropriately express what I imagine or picture in mind. Read more about Hiatus[…]

Pancake Saturday

A post especially written for those people who enjoyed talking about nasty things behind my back, people who shattered my once peaceful existence, people who didn’t mind how miserable I felt during those times. I wanted to hate you but I couldn’t. I was just thankful because guys like you existed. Because of you, I get Read more about Pancake Saturday[…]

Flying Around the World

So while I was browsing the New York Times homepage for the technology section, which I usually do, my eyes glanced at the travel section and saw an article entitled “As You Travel, Making Money Work for You”. I got curious so decided to read it and completely forgotten that I was really there to Read more about Flying Around the World[…]

What About Blogging?

Something inside me urges me to blog. Is it just a phase or will it last for a long time? Was it just like when I was excited studying photoshop and then suddenly got bored when I already knew the basics of photo editing? I don’t know yet but I think blogging about some random things Read more about What About Blogging?[…]

Everything is Possible

Day will come where I don’t have to look at those price tags anymore. Whichever clothes I like to wear, things I like to possess and gadgets I want to collect, I’ll just grab it and pay in the counter without thinking how much will it cost me. The mansion that I designed few months Read more about Everything is Possible[…]

Farewell Steve Jobs

Hanggang sa mga sandaling ito, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na wala na sya. Kasi sayang, hindi ko man lang sya nakita sa personal. Ang dami dami nyang naging contribution sa mundo, lalo na sa technology. Ang galing talaga nya. Kakaiba sya mag-isip. Isa pang gusto ko sa kanya ay ung kakahayan nyang makapaghanap ng Read more about Farewell Steve Jobs[…]

I Want to Learn PHP & MySQL

Gusto ko talagang matutunan ang PHP & MySQL, ever since first year college pa ako. Ito talaga ang reason ko kung bakit ako nag-IT. Pero ngayong fourth year na ako, hindi ko pa rin na-aachieve ung gusto kong malaman. Inis + tamad tuloy ako ngayon. Nung fourth year high school pa ako, meron kaming project Read more about I Want to Learn PHP & MySQL[…]