the plantation makati

The Plantation Makati

Hungry again, we went¬†to The Plantation Bar & Bistro. This was how we spent celebrating the 2nd part of my mother’s day. We ordered Carbonara Linguine, Shrimp Pesto, Seafood Putanesca, and bottomless iced tea. The pastas’ taste were great. My mother and I like Seafood Putanesca the most while my sister enjoyed her Shrimp Pesto. Read more about The Plantation Makati[…]

Artistic Pizza For You!

If you want a pizza, take time to watch our video! You will be delighted by the recipes we made to fill your hungry stomach. Home-made pizzas made by Xander, Penny, Allen, Jeero and Jhonas. Originally made for our Art Appreciation subject by Prof Geths Hilario. Each one of us artistically made each pizza: Pizza Read more about Artistic Pizza For You![…]