Bonjour! I am Xander Lopez of the Philippines and this is my xanderific blog site version 1.3! I’ll be posting articles about personal experiences, sentiments, people and events, apps, movies, foods and everything I could possibly share with you!

It has been my dream to have a personal website since 2007. So in 2009 I tried to use Tumblr. It was an exciting moment. I posted blogs whenever I like. But time came I got bored. On and off relationship with Tumblr for three years. Then, I tried to use Blogspot, hoping it would revive my spirit. But just after few weeks I got bored again. Then one time in 2013, out of my desire, I decided to learn WordPress. How to use it, tweak its design and everything. But there’s still this love/hate relationship with WP because although it’s easy to use, I find it extra challenging to control. So I stopped again. Then, this year 2014 I finally bought my own domain plus shared hosting. Yay! And so here it is. Finally, a website of my own. Now I’ll be more active blogging.

Thank you and enjoy reading.

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