Hello, mate! Here is the collection of my personal experiences, sentiments, adventures, events, reviews, foods, travels, and everything I could possibly share with you!

To better understand my thought process about this blog, here’s the transcript of my interview with my alter ego:

How did it start?

It all began with me dreaming to have a personal website. 

It was 2007. I was in fourth year high school. That time I don’t have an idea yet how to do it. But I already have a vivid imagination how I wanted it to look like — its layout, design, pictures, videos, and contents.

In 2009, Tumblr was popular so I gave it a shot. I spent time creating the layout design I want. It was an exciting moment.  Then after that I posted blogs whenever I like. But sometimes I got bored and lazy. I used Tumblr on and off for three years. But looking back it was a good time.

Then, I tried to use Blogspot, hoping it would revive my spirit. I  learned its layout and features. After that, I posted new stuffs I personally wrote. But just after a few weeks I got bored again.

Then one time in 2013, out of my desire, I decided to learn WordPress. I’ve came across WordPress even before Tumblr and Blogspot but I find it confusing to use. Modifying it at also seemed complicated. Then one day I just accepted the fact that it is what it is. WordPress is pretty much the standard blogging CMS. So I studied the basics of how to use it, tweak its design and everything. Yay! And so here it is. Finally, a website of my own. Now I’ll be more active in blogging. I hope.

Why do you blog?

I just want to remember the moments I have.

So I record them through my own words with some pictures and videos. I’m also imagining maybe one day I’ll look back into my life and see what I’ve achieved. My blog will be a tool for me to reminisce about the past. Then, I’ll look forward into the future and think about what more can I achieve.

But you can keep a journal and still reminisce about the past.

The thing is I also have moments with my family and friends I want us to remember. 

Like one day I can share them a link. Hopefully they read the story and remember those moments we had like it was just yesterday. Nostalgia. So yeah. They are my target audience aside from myself!

Do you read your old blogs?

Yes I do. 

Whenever I feel sentimental or emotional. Or when I have free time. Or when I’m feeling down.

How do you feel about them?

I feel good. 

I feel thankful for myself for writing them. It’s a collection of my life’s work. Sort of. Moreover, I like the way there were written. And I think could not have written them any other way.

When do you blog?

Whenever I feel like it.

The number one determining factor if I will blog or not is my commitment; my dedication to start and end it.  It usually begins with a random idea. Sometimes I momentarily write about it. Then I lost focus along the way. Until I forgot about it altogether. Then I move on to another topic. That is how it usually is.

But other days I am really determined. Even though between those times I procrastinate, I’ll make sure that I’ll do a story with gusto. So yeah, 70% inner motivation plus 30% external motivation to make it.

I’m curious how many people read your blog.

I don’t really have an estimate how many they are. 

I linked this website to Google Analytics but I am not sure how to analyse the data I have in there. And I really don’t care how many readers I’ve got. Nor how many people comment. At least not yet. Right now I only care more about how I better use the right combination of words to express my thoughts.

Do you want to be popular?

I never really intend to be popular by any means.

This blog is mostly about me and the people around me. If some people outside that circle like my blog, I’m thankful. If not, I can’t do anything about that. I don’t want to please anyone. Haha. I only want to feel self-satisfaction.

Though I appreciate it when people read some of my posts and say nice things. Or even correct my grammar mistakes. I learn more and then get more motivated.

How much did you spend for this website?

Assuming my conversions are right:


The most I’ve spent in a year was the one year hosting plan from iPage in Oct 2017. Originally I renewed for 3 years and I did not closely looked at the currency. I thought it was just PHP 394.20 and I was wrong! It was in USD. I was shocked to find out how much it got from my bank account so I contacted the customer service right away. I asked them to decrease my plan to just one year and then refund my money. Fortunately it was possible.

Then right now I’m trying out AWS EC2 for hosting. I am eligible for a free tier for a year. Hopefully I won’t spend so much from it after that.

Do you earn anything from this website?

No I don’t. 

I’ve found out that one way to earn money through a website is by ads. I think that’s messy. I’ve invested so much time and effort to make my website look clean and minimal. Those ads will just ruin it.

There’s also another way, ever heard about sponsored blog post?

Well, yeah. I’ve also came across to it. 

I guess my main focus for this website is really about my personal existence and not any other entities’. And with that, if ever time comes I found a niche which I can work on for a long time then maybe I’ll develop a website for that and monetise on that one instead.

If you’re not earning through it, what are you getting then?

It just gives me fulfilment and satisfaction to be able to have a website of my own. 

Sure there are lots of free options for blogging but as I’ve said I want my own domain. It’s like a life legacy in a way.

Moreover, it’s also therapeutic to write. Get something off your chest. It’s rewarding.

What camera are you using in your photos?

My iPhone.

I used iPhone 4 before. Now it’s my iPhone 6S. I don’t have any fancy camera yet. But maybe if its bulkiness won’t be a big issue for me anymore then I might buy one. Good thing my phone already takes decent photos.

How about your videos?

I also use my iPhone. Sometimes I use my GoPro. 

It depends on my laziness level. GoPro with its stick is already an additional baggage. It’s quite a hassle to put it in and out my bag unlike my iPhone. But if I’m  in the mood then I use my GoPro.

Where do you edit your photos?

Just whatever is available at the moment.

I used Photoshop before. But ever since it turned into a subscription business model, I just use free tools such as Snapseed and Gimp which are really great. Though really I still need to learn so much more about enhancing pictures properly.

How about your videos? Where do you edit them?

I use iMovie. 

It’s a free video editing software for Mac. It covers my basic editing needs and it’s really good. If I have more budget I wanted to try Final Cut Pro X. But for now I’ll maximise what I have to produce the best results I could.

Any message to your readers?

Wow! You’ve reached it this far! Thanks a lot!

You can also drop constructive criticisms, share my posts on your social sites, or take me out for a drink!

Thank you and enjoy reading. Cheers!