Morning Walks. Late Night Talks.

Photo by David Werbrouck on Unsplash

You don’t have a car. I don’t own one. And we both don’t know how to drive. Buses are out of the option and Uber’s too expensive. So we have to walk. Together. Going to that destination we both know. Hopefully enjoy each other’s company while being roasted by the blazing heat of the sun. 

You tell me about your life
You ask me about mine
You assure me you are fine
You sound like a sweet wine

You make me happy but it’s still early in the day. It’s so hot. Why are there only few trees around? And the clouds are far apart. Plus the wind seems lost in finding its way to us. Now cold beads of sweat run through my face. 

But you seem so cool
Baby, don’t make me drool
Now I look like a fool
Fix my hinge with a tool

When the time came, we separated ways. You work with numbers, I work with codes. Send me a message: what time you’ll go? Then, we’ll meet again. Go back to the place where we were from. Fortunately we just live closely. So we can do this everyday, can’t we?

Day turned to night
Stars shined so bright
Open the room’s light
And there we just might

Now it’s dark outside. And so our conversations. Deeper they go as hours pass by. You tell me your secrets and I took them; locked them in a box and threw away the key. No one will ever know — just you and me. It’s our clandestine talks which got us closer. Or am I just imagining?

It’s when you wink
You made me think
We have a link
Or it’s the drink?

Remember that time I told you I couldn’t sleep at night? And I asked you to come with me at MegaMart to buy a new pillow? That night when I used that pillow I slept like a baby. That night you are also there. You know, it’s not really about that pillow. It’s your presence, you silly. 

All of these are now part of the past. But, one thing’s for sure: the sun’s making our lives brighter CR-V.

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