World Quiz!

I’ve been playing this game lately. It is called TapQuiz Maps by RolzoR. It helps me memorize the geographical location of each country; states of USA or provinces of Canada. There comes a time when a certain country is on the news, or I’ve heard it somewhere, through a friend or someone have talked about it and Read more about World Quiz![…]

Dolphin Adventure

It was my first time to personally watch a dolphin show. They are truly an amazing and intelligent creature. With their trainers instructions, they performed some eye-opening tricks on the water surface like leaping, diving and walking through their flukes. They even know how to pose on a picture! While they may provide entertainment to us, it is Read more about Dolphin Adventure[…]

Lassy Got New Clothes

That light blue clothes plus a yellow bell was a perfect fit for our dog Lassy. Good thing I was quick enough to capture her pose because she usually moves around. A while after, she was already gasping so I decided to remove her clothes. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I also knew that animals also feel hot. Read more about Lassy Got New Clothes[…]

Now You See Me

The More You Look, The Less You See Summary: A mysterious benefactor summoned prestidigitator Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), escape artist Henley Reeves (Isla FIsher), mentalist/hynotist Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), pickpocket/safecracker/card thrower Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) to become the Four Horsemen. After a year, the quartet of magicians performed magic acts which involved an untraceable theft. Read more about Now You See Me[…]

A Map For Saturday

A Map for Saturday is a documentary film written and directed by Brook Silva-Braga when he wandered around the world and met several travelers like him. For nine months of nomadic life in 2005, he visited 26 countries on four continents. Along the road, his experience together with other backpackers was recorded  as they unfold their stories Read more about A Map For Saturday[…]


Dreaming about your  future possible house? You can now start to put it up piece by piece by just downloading the official iOS app of, Houzz Interior Design Ideas, which is absolutely for free! Turn your thoughts into vision and add them to your ideabook. It’s like clipping pictures in a virtual scrapbook. With Read more about Houzz[…]


Hi everyone! This will be the second app I am going to review and it’s called Letterpress – a word game for your iPhone and iPad. There are twenty-five white letter tiles where you can assemble a valid word to submit and earn points. To play the game, you have to login your Game Center account. Read more about Letterpress[…]