Summer Heat

It was summer 2021. Me with my family went to Brisbane to celebrate the holidays. I was in my room one morning swiping and trying my luck to find my match. Fortunately, Christmas has been good to me. It granted me one of my wishes. The guy I matched with that day is now my partner.


Hello To My Renewed Eyesight

Wear eyeglasses. Take them off. Wear contact lenses. Take them off. And it goes on. Everyday. This endless cycle when you have an eye vision problem. Why can’t we just automatically see clearly?

My To-Do List Before Twenty-Sixteen Ends

At the moment of writing, I still have 117 days left before 2017 starts. Plenty of time to accomplish more stuffs. But time flies so fast I don’t want it to just slip by. So by creating this to-do list I have a written reminder of what I intend to Read more…

My New iPhone 6S

The Arrival. It was Friday. I was nervous and my hands were sweating. I guess it was because of excitement and anxiety. At around 2:30 PM, the courier man called me and told me that he was already in front of our office door. Then, I immediately stood up from Read more…

English Exam

International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a standardized examination to measure one’s proficiency and competency in speaking, reading, writing and listening in the English language. Fortunately I already took the exam, got the results and realizing its positive implications. I took the IELTS Academic through IDP at Shangri-La Read more…

Weekend Home Foods

This is one of the things I miss in our home: abundant foods, sharing and eating with my family. Unlike living alone in a dorm,  I don’t need to think what to eat and where to buy. I need not to worry because one or two of my loving family members already made Read more…