My Study Query Experience

Ever dreamed of studying abroad but you don’t have a clue how to do it? Don’t worry, Study Query is there to help you. They’ll genuinely guide you until you obtain your student visa. They say that the best way to predict the future is by creating it. I am lucky to have met Ms Read more about My Study Query Experience[…]


Memento Vivire No. One

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Busy — not properly allocating time to think what to write about — and uninspired — not motivated enough about what has been happening around — were my two reasons, I think, why I was on hiatus. But now, I felt the urge to Read more about Memento Vivire No. One[…]


Getting Off The Grid

It has been a while since I deactivated my Facebook account. Mixed emotions — mostly frustration — led me to do it. I was at a cozy cafe that time, sipping cold chocolate frappe drink to temporarily ease my mind. I already had a couple of attempts to deactivate it before but then I also immediately Read more about Getting Off The Grid[…]

My Failed Backup Plan

I wanted to live a better life. And I think that is more achievable if I live and work abroad. That was my mindset ever since I was young. Now, the first country where I really intended to go isn’t possible yet. So I pushed through with my backup plan: Singapore. A good ladder for my future agenda. Read more about My Failed Backup Plan[…]

The iPhone Plan

Good news! A representative from Globe Telecom just contacted me that my application for iPhone 6S data plan has just been approved and it will be delivered this Nov 21, Saturday. It was November 10 when I submitted my requirements for application. One valid ID, certificate of employment and latest payslip are all they needed. Read more about The iPhone Plan[…]

The Feels #1

I miss the life I had in college. When I felt like I actively participated in life and did something great with my limited time. During school days, I was able to do something else, little or big, that could had brought impact with my present and future. I had engaged myself in organisational activities, Read more about The Feels #1[…]

My Unannounced 23rd Birthday

Greetings by my family, friends, and some acquaintances makes me happy. Specially when they really remembered it without the social web’s help. It makes it more meaningful and special. I am not in a game of “let me see who actually remembers my birthday” because I already know who they are. I just wanna lie Read more about My Unannounced 23rd Birthday[…]

A Reminder For Myself

Sometimes I get lost, I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel that all of the hopes in life have been sucked out from me. I prejudge my vague future base on my present condition. Random thoughts that come through my mind which just brings headache. Anxious about the things which aren’t likely to Read more about A Reminder For Myself[…]