Summer Heat

Love to eat!

It was summer 2021. Me with my family went to Brisbane to celebrate the holidays. I was in my room one morning swiping and trying my luck to find my match. Fortunately, Christmas has been good to me. It granted me one of my wishes. The guy I matched with that day is now my partner.

Ever since I came out when I was Twenty-Eighth, I’ve accepted myself more and became more open to dating and finding someone to spend my life with. I’ve signed up to dating apps and one of them is Bumble. Later on, this guy messaged me and the rest is history.

More foods and dates

We met at a Japanese restaurant and ate ramen while we try to figure out if we also match in real life. For me, I already liked him the first moment I saw him. He looked cute. But he was really nervous and sweating. I asked him why and then he said he was shy. 

I tried to be my real self. Acted casually and not be someone who wanted to impress. I was thinking that if they like me the way I am then that’s good. If not then better luck again next time. Thank you for your time.

Fortunately for us, we like each other. End of summer, start of a new chapter.

The way we communicate is through notes, lip reading and sign language. He is deaf. It was challenging but it didn’t deter me from pursuing a relationship with him. Moreover, something about him made me feel like he’ll listen to my heart better than anyone else. And he’s so huggable! Who couldn’t resist that?! Haha. Also he is kindhearted, easygoing, and fun to be with. There’s just this magic that connects and binds together. May this force be with us always.

Fall in Geelong, Melbourne

We went out for a few dates here and there. Conversed regarding life and everything we can talk over. Maximising the time we have together. I asked him to take lots of pictures because for me, memories last forever. And I wanna remember what happened that December.

Two weeks of holiday in Brisbane then I have to go back to Melbourne. I know in myself that long distance relationship is never gonna work, it’s gonna be over. In a few days time I have decided to leave my home, friends, family, and work in Melbourne to start a new life in Brisbane with him. Gamble on this love and see how it goes. Big move.

We used FaceTime to have a chat when we were apart. That was about a month of longing. Then, after that, I drove back in Brisbane. 

In the house vs. out of the house!

I adjusted with so many aspects of life. Living with a partner. Doing household work. Grocery runs. Preparing food. Cooking meals. Cleaning a house. Setting house rules. Delegating housework. Budgeting. Dealing with hot weather. Driving on roads that seem like a maze. Finding work. Figuring out where to buy what. Just familiarizing myself with my surroundings so it will get easier for me to breathe. Whenever I get overwhelmed I just walk around alone and find solitude.

So far, things between us have been well. Few fights from time to time but we try to talk it out. We banter, release our temper, but still show we care and remember to put our affection in the centre. Also, we make effort to communicate and understand our needs and wants. Most importantly, we help one another to make life better. 

Random pictures at Geelong, Eat Street Northshore, and Brisbane River

People around us also give their support. I’m grateful for their acceptance and love. Makes life easier and more peaceful.

It feels good to finally find someone who complements me. Makes me feel complete and loved. I’m just happy to find him.

One year together and it was just like yesterday. We have learned a lot about each other and yet there’s still more to explore. I’m just happy and thankful to have him.

Happy anniversary to you babe! Love lots from Xander.