Weekend Home Foods

This is one of the things I miss in our home: abundant foods, sharing and eating with my family. Unlike living alone in a dorm,  I don’t need to think what to eat and where to buy. I need not to worry because one or two of my loving family members already made it for us. I don’t Read more about Weekend Home Foods[…]

Mastering English

Sunday afternoon and I just finished watching The Delivery Man with my family. Got bored so I went upstairs in my room then I suddenly saw this book on the plastic cabinet. I didn’t have anything to do that time so I decided to pick it up and then started to read. It has been a Read more about Mastering English[…]

Breakfast & Snacks

Wanting to eat something else other than rice or oatmeal, I decided to buy Heavenly Choco Cake Slice and Heavenly Marble Cake Slice from Goldilocks. So heavenly! These two taste good. But next time I won’t eat like this again because I got hungry after hours. It didn’t make me full. In our afternoon break Read more about Breakfast & Snacks[…]

A Healthful Breakfast

Oatmeal is my usual breakfast. It is healthful, affordable and easy to cook. I mix powdered milk in it to add taste. I bought seedless grapes on my way to office this morning. They sell it for P30 per 1/4 kg. So today, I tried to put some grapes on my oatmeal. Their taste and texture complemented. Next time I Read more about A Healthful Breakfast[…]

Level One Treat

Our team has a daily scrum at 8:30 AM. Kenneth, our scrum master, forgot to update his tasks. He pinned two post-it on the in-progress column. He was penalized for a level one treat because of this. It was usually banana cue they buy at Jollijeep.  As for the 2L bottle of Pepsi, it was Justin’s. He Read more about Level One Treat[…]

Yakisoba Cup Noodles

Somebody in our office ate noodles. I can tell because of its unique smell. I felt hungry and suddenly got myself craving for a Yakisoba noodles. So, I went to 7-11 and bought one for P32. I poured hot water and waited for it to cook for about 3 minutes. Then, I mixed the sauce Read more about Yakisoba Cup Noodles[…]

My Office Desk

Just a typical day. I wanted to take a picture of my messy desk while working on our Java core program on a virtual machine. That was my pin board on the left side. Some notes I wanted to remember, some quotes I needed to see. On my desk were my water bottle, mug, sticky notes, Read more about My Office Desk[…]

Class Schedule

This was my class schedule. I put this at the back of my school ID because I hardly remember the place and time of our class! I also put some positive words that I need throughout the day so that I will be highly motivated to do my best. Also, hoping that these adjectives would Read more about Class Schedule[…]