I Love You Seven Eleven

I asked you to come with me in that convenience store. Not because I want to buy something but because I want to tell you something. This has been going on in my mind for months now and I can’t hold it anymore. So that store will be my alibi to be with you, to get your time, and to tell you the truth.

My heart’s pumping out blood faster than it should. Beads of cold sweat, even though I’m wearing a jacket and the weather’s fucking hot as hell.

You willingly accompanied me even though you said there is nothing you want to buy. Not really sure why you’re doing this but it seems like my persuasiveness overpowered you. Thankfully it worked this time. Out of a million tries of inviting you to go out with me. This time is different. Thinking that the universe has conspired to make this moment happen.

We walked towards the store together. Me asking you random questions, not so that I can know more about you but to distract myself with what I’m about to do. I must not fail this mission as this might be the only chance that I’ll have.

I opened the door and held it until you come inside. Got separated a little later so that we can sort out and grab what we wanted to buy. I don’t really have anything. I was just thinking how I should approach you. My introduction, my speech. Ugh. I’ve practiced this on my mind a couple of times already but ..

You went round the corner and came towards me. You caught me staring blankly into a stall of soaps and dishwahing liquid. What in the world am i doing here?! You even asked me if I have to wash a lot of dishes. I faked a laugh to ride your joke. Haha. Shit. Then you asked me what will I buy. I don’t have an idea yet and you’re not holding anything. So I quickly walked towards the food section and picked whatever snack is there. Panick mode.

I’m running out of time. I walked in another aisle to pretend I’m looking for something, but there’s really nothing. All I really wanted to do is tell you how I really feel.

I’m in line for the cashier. You’re near the door already. Waiting for me, wanting to go back from where we were. I slightly look at you from time to time, trying decipher your mind. I tried to calm down. For five seconds, my mind was floating, I never realized that the cashier has already been asking for my stuffs. I beamed to my foolishness. I saw you smirked. Bar code done. I reached for my wallet and then paid.

Should I really tell you? Fuck it. I will. I will tell you the real reason why I asked you to go with me. I’ve waited for this day to come. I’ve gathered all the strength I got. No more excuses. This has to be it.

So this is it. We were already walking out and I said, “Hey, I’ve got to tell you something”. Your body language told me, “Ok. What’s it? I’ll listen”. So I blurted out, “I love you”.