Random Thoughts in May Night of Twenty Four

I am trying to figure out how to perfectly utilise my website and social accounts. So far I get nothing done and end in analysis paralysis. I never wanted that to happen. I want to move on and publish more content. Thus here I am posting these blog to break that cycle.

This was when I tried Brisbane’s CityCat ferry for the first time. I started from North Quay and went to the last station which is Hamilton and then back to North Quay. It was fun two hour experience.

I bought a new terrarium! Now I have two and I felt like I have another child!

I was getting delulu because of thinking too much about content creation but not getting anything published so I took this photo and shared it on my story instead.

This was when I walked around the neighbourhood and found this tunnel. Of course I have to take a picture!

A 5×5 rubik’s cube I might never finish. I had one before and I lost it. This one I purchased out of nostalgia.

Picture in Redcliffe. It was a warm day and my skin is burning but I have to get through it for this picture.

Bought this mask from ages ago. Because of one TikTok video it was opened and used.

View at the top of Mt. Cooth-tha Summit. One of the several photos of mine but this one’s cooler.

And there you go! That concludes my blog post about my random thoughts in this night of May Twenty-four.