Rock and Roll Roc and Roe


Roc was my white male rabbit (left) and Roe was my brown female rabbit (right). It had been already three months since I bought them in Divisoria. I think they have grown so much now. They were always eating and pooping.

I saw them while we were walking around Divi. I was thinking if I should buy them but I was hesitant because I might not be able to take care of them properly. But on the other side I was thinking maybe my relatives would be happy if I brought a new pet in our house since our fish recently died. I just then decided to buy them then.

Fortunately my family willingly and cheerfully welcomed them. They got so excited to see them. Carried them in their arms while talking to them (wishing they’d understand what we’re talking about). Then let them freely jump around the house for a few minutes, then carry them again.

They eat pellets, cabbage and water spinach. I was trying to find them grass hay but unfortunately it is not available in our area. My grandma always scolds me whenever I forget to feed them! Sometimes I was just so occupied with schoolwork and sometimes I was just really lazy. But whatever, they were still alive.

I don’t know how much time they still got on earth but I’m willing to give my spare time taking care of them. It was like you wanted to see them when you woke up in the morning and check them before you sleep at night. I almost felt like they were my babies! lol.