wandering laguna

Mt. Binacayan and Wawa Dam

Is it about trying out something new? Is it about the captivating view? Is it about falling in love with the beauty of the nature? Is it about the social media worthy pictures you take? Is it about conquering your fears and doubts whether you can make it or not? Is it about getting physically Read more about Mt. Binacayan and Wawa Dam[…]

Trekking at Mt. Balagbag

Ever wonder how it feels like to embark in a journey that seems like there is no end? The road to your expected destination is stretched far too long you just force your tired legs to keep on moving. But as you experience the pain and the unexpected trail, you also appreciate the second-to-none beauty Read more about Trekking at Mt. Balagbag[…]

Sunday Bonding

My mother, sister and I hung out again. First, we went to Banahaw Heals Spa near SM Molino. I decided to acquire lifetime family membership so we’ll get discounts to their services. It was our first time here so we tried their Hilot Kagalingan or Banahaw Signature 5-in-1 Healing Massage. The place’s ambiance was quite Read more about Sunday Bonding[…]

the plantation makati

The Plantation Makati

Hungry again, we went to The Plantation Bar & Bistro. This was how we spent celebrating the 2nd part of my mother’s day. We ordered Carbonara Linguine, Shrimp Pesto, Seafood Putanesca, and bottomless iced tea. The pastas’ taste were great. My mother and I like Seafood Putanesca the most while my sister enjoyed her Shrimp Pesto. Read more about The Plantation Makati[…]

J.Co Donuts

My mother, sister and I  decided to eat in J.Co Donuts to celebrate mother’s day. It was around 4pm. There were lots of people. Some were eating, some were in line, some were waiting for others to go. It was really the new food trend this time. We were talking about life in general while we  ate one dozen Read more about J.Co Donuts[…]