Hello To My Renewed Eyesight

I’m sure there are lots of other blogs that could give you step-by-step process of how Lasik eye surgery is done so I won’t add to that redundancy anymore. I’ll just share with you what made me decide to push through this gamble.

Wear eyeglasses. Take them off. Wear contact lenses. Take them off. And it goes on. Everyday. This endless cycle when you have an eye vision problem. Why can’t we just automatically see clearly?


There were inconvenient moments when I forgot where I put my eyeglasses and I have to find them with my naked eyes. Good luck with that. Or when I’m already half an hour in front of the mirror putting contact lenses on because they won’t cooperate. Making me struggle first before letting me see the world in HD. Worse when one of it suddenly slips down from my index finger when I’m about to put it on. Then, I have to spend more time looking for it and if by chance I’ve given up, I’d just buy another pair. Sigh. What a waste.

During the day, it was just okay. Although my eye vision was really unclear and I have to make an effort to see things, it was just fine. I can get on. I can get my job done. But at night it was a different story. There were times I can’t see clearly. Even though I was wearing my prescription glasses or contact lenses, they just won’t do the trick. There were bright lights coming from the buildings, houses, cars, but the surrounding darkness was more visible. And as I saw it, it felt like the dark was slowly enveloping me. It was scary. What if the time comes it eats me alive completely? A frightening situation, a miserable nightmare, a tragic future.

Let me tell you I have wanted to solve this problem in a long time since I have searched that such procedure exists and it successfully makes the eyes see normally again. Only that I wasn’t prepared yet — emotionally, physically, and financially.

Until one day I had enough. Making the same routine everyday doesn’t make sense anymore. I have to do it. So I went to Shinagawa Makati. From there an optometrist made sorts of examinations to my eyes. Yes, you have to undergo series of tests first. Not all people who have the means are qualified do it. Later on, after considering the results, an ophthalmologist said I was an eligible candidate for the procedure. I was excited, nervous and hopeful. And now it came down to money. Well, it is really expensive but investing in myself is a top priority. After all it was just a small price to pay compared to the comfort it will bring. So I said we proceed.

Some Goodbyes Are Good

I think a lot of people are hesitant to do it because they are frightened, like I was at first. Even if they have enough money for it, there are still uncertainty. What if it goes wrong and they go blind? But, what if it goes right? It’s a real gamble. Fifty-fifty percent chance. After all, we only have one pair of eyes. But technology is far advanced than it was before and it has improved a lot, specially in areas of medicine. Plus promising results are guaranteed by experienced and trusted doctors. It’s still worth a try.

The operation itself was quick. Only less than ten minutes for both eyes. The results are also astonishingly fast. Although still blurry, I can immediately see the difference. Of course they gave me anaesthesia so I won’t feel the pain. But after it wore down, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I couldn’t even properly open my eyes because it really hurts. That was understandable because I just had an operation. So, I let it run its course. The next morning was fantastic! So bright. So clear. I’m so glad.

It feels like I am constantly wearing contact lenses. Only I don’t anymore. So it is a permanent one. Sort of. I can see them letters and numbers clearly. I’m so ecstatic. Even up to this day. After almost five months since the surgery. So this is what it feels like to have a normal eye vision. It’s so convenient to wake up in the morning and readily be available to see how beautiful the world is. And I think you should experience it too.