Hello To My Renewed Eyesight

Wear eyeglasses. Take them off. Wear contact lenses. Take them off. And it goes on. Everyday. This endless cycle when you have an eye vision problem. Why can’t we just automatically see clearly?


Memento Vivire No. One

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Busy — not properly allocating time to think what to write about — and uninspired — not motivated enough about what has been happening around — were my two reasons, I think, why I was on hiatus. But now, Read more…

My To-Do List Before Twenty-Sixteen Ends

At the moment of writing, I still have 117 days left before 2017 starts. Plenty of time to accomplish more stuffs. But time flies so fast I don’t want it to just slip by. So by creating this to-do list I have a written reminder of what I intend to Read more…

Everything is Possible

Day will come where I don’t have to look at those price tags anymore. Whichever clothes I like to wear, things I like to possess and gadgets I want to collect, I’ll just grab it and pay in the counter without thinking how much will it cost me. The mansion Read more…