The iPhone Plan

Good news! A representative from Globe Telecom just contacted me that my application for iPhone 6S data plan has just been approved and it will be delivered this Nov 21, Saturday. It was November 10 when I submitted my requirements for application. One valid ID, certificate of employment and latest payslip are all they needed.[…]

The Feels #1

I miss the life I had in college. When I felt like I actively participated in life and did something great with my limited time. During school days, I was able to do something else, little or big, that could had brought impact with my present and future. I had engaged myself in organisational activities,[…]



I write when I’m sad. A melancholy mood makes my mind think about a lot of random things. So, I try to express my ideas by putting them into words. But sometimes it also adds burden to my heart when I can’t think of a concise word to appropriately express what I imagine or picture in mind.[…]


Pancake Saturday

A post especially written for those people who enjoyed talking about nasty things behind my back, people who shattered my once peaceful existence, people who didn’t mind how miserable I felt during those times. I wanted to hate you but I couldn’t. I was just thankful because guys like you existed. Because of you, I get[…]