Random Thoughts in May Night of Twenty Four

I am trying to figure out how to perfectly utilise my website and social accounts. So far I get nothing done and end in analysis paralysis. I never wanted that to happen. I want to move on and publish more content. Thus here I am posting these blog to break Read more…


Summer Heat

It was summer 2021. Me with my family went to Brisbane to celebrate the holidays. I was in my room one morning swiping and trying my luck to find my match. Fortunately, Christmas has been good to me. It granted me one of my wishes. The guy I matched with that day is now my partner.


Year in Review: Blessings I Am Grateful For in 2020

This year 2020 is a strange one. The pandemic has significantly disrupted the way we live. Nonetheless, life must go on and the only way is to move forward. To do so, I practiced focusing on what I can control and then counted my blessings. Looking back (on the brighter side), I have a lot of things I’ve got to be grateful for


Morning Walks. Late Night Talks.

You don’t have a car. I don’t own one. And we both don’t know how to drive. Buses are out of the option and Uber’s too expensive. So we have to walk. Together. Going to that destination we both know. Hopefully enjoy each other’s company while being roasted by the Read more…


Excursions at Springvale and Wilsons Promontory

It was my second time joining Pinoy Hikers in Victoria. Amid the assignment deadlines, financial struggles, and sleepless nights, I still pushed myself to come. Why? I want to momentarily forget the challenges I was facing. Escape to a scenic landscape, have fun, connect to people, and create good memories.


A Day of Autumn in Macedon

This awesome video belongs to Jan Liboon and the following superb pictures belong to Debbie Bacalso and Gerald Odiugra. Thank you guys! Pinoy Hikers in Victoria I joined some groups on Facebook where Filipinos are, hoping I could meet friends or find a casual job. Then, one day I saw Read more…


Year in Review: Things I Am Grateful For In 2018

A lot of things happened to me this year and most of them are really good. Countless blessings came and I appreciate all of them. There are also challenges which tested me to the limits. They brought pain and negative emotions. Nonetheless, I always try to find the light and Read more…