Flying Around the World


So while I was browsing the New York Times homepage for the technology section, which I usually do, my eyes glanced at the travel section and saw an article entitled “As You Travel, Making Money Work for You”. I got curious so decided to read it and completely forgotten that I was really there to update myself about new technology news. It was Q&A type and the one questioned was Matt Kepner, also known as Nomadic Matt. Why nomadic? Because for about six and a half years, he went and left various places around the world. He visited over 70 countries in seven continents. As he enjoy what life has to offer, he also wrote travel blogs which soon gave him financial means to travel more.

I opened Nomadic Matt‘s website and found several blog posts which interests me; How to Find a Cheap Flight, Buying Round the World (RTW) Ticket, Picking a Travel Card, Get Cheap Accomodation, Buying Travel Insurance, How to Teach Overseas, Volunteering Overseas and a lot more. I read almost all of his posts and tried to acquire knowledge as much as I could. I know there are lots of other travel blogs out there but it was the first one which really hooked me.


As I was reading, I was inspired by how he travelled around the world and how he was able to self-employ himself. He is a backpacker, takes important things on his bag; prefers low-cost independent international travel; uses public transport; lodges in an inexpensive hostel; likes to meet locals and experience their culture as well as seeing the sights. Could you imagine that? Flying around the world with just your backpack and sleeping in economical hostels rather than going to fancy hotels? Or couchsurfing for free? He created his website to inspire people travel cheaper, better and longer. After a year, his website gave him earnings to go on for more miles. I never knew you could actually create a personal travel blog which could later on support you. Real inspiring isn’t it? I also realized that it’s not only about leisure and fun but also passion and hardwork to keep you moving.

I was fascinated that you could actually buy an RTW ticket! Before, I only knew that you need to book a flight country by country but not until now. And what’s good with this RTW ticket is that you could call the company agent and change dates of your flight whenever you feel like spending more or less days in a country but of course, rules apply.

I also acquired knowledge about other possible things you could also do while out there:

  • Couchsurfing – staying to a host or a friend’s house for a few days and sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch.
  • WWOOF (World Wide Organisation on Oganic Farms) – volunteer working in a farm in exchange of free food and accomodation plus also, a way of language and culture immersion.
  • TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) – as the name implies, teaching english to students. You can earn money but first, you need certification.
  • Au pair – part-time work to a host family; sharing family’s childcare responsibilty as well as doing some house hold chores.
  • Housesit – taking care of someone’s house while they are away. Allows you to stay for free accomodation.

and a lot more possible ways!…

Someday, I wanna try going to distant places. It would be more memorable if I would be with the people I love to be with. Meet the country’s natives and make new friends. It could be fun. It could be scary. It could be exciting. It could be dangerous. I wanted to do it while I am still young. But not now because I still have other priorities.