A Reminder For Myself

Sometimes I get lost, I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel that all of the hopes in life have been sucked out from me. I prejudge my vague future base on my present condition. Random thoughts that come through my mind which just brings headache. Anxious about the things which aren’t likely to happen. And as I let it consume me, it drains my energy. Then I go to the internet and search for sources of outer motivation, to let me live and breath peacefully for a moment. Yeah, those positive articles bring optimism in life. But it won’t last another day that I’ll be looking again for another inspirational blog post to read. And let it flow through my veins and out. Cycle continues.

It is such a good thing that the internet is filled with lots of self-help articles. At least some people in need like me can survive the day. So perhaps this will be my way to contribute to the community and give back, to write something personal in general way so anyone can relate to.

Whatever happens have a purpose. Though we may never know it now, it will surely unfold in an unknown time in the future. Yeah, that’s inconvenient in the present moment right? To never know what lies ahead of us. Like we are blindfolded and have the need to spread out our arms and hands to feel what’s in front of us. We’ll never really know. Until such time we force our feet to move step by step, use our senses to guide us and instict to lead us. That’s better than not doing anything. As the cliche goes, the first step is always the hardest. Move on dude.

The best is yet to come. This is true if we know what we want. Only ourselves can define which one is best for us, not other people. Be it the best apple pie you wanna eat, or the best bag you wanna have, surely, the best will come if you’ll direct your energy towards it. Law of attraction. And by the time we have the best, we’ll start looking again for something better than the best.

Though sometimes you might feel that other people’s lives are better than yours, just think that your life is also better than them in other ways you might not see. Have you also thought that other people might also think that your life is better than theirs? There’s a possibility. Material possesions and status updates on social networking sites are not the best are not an indication of a better life. You see, let’s not be envious. Just walk our own path.

There are still a lot of positive insights I can share you with. But I feel like what I’ve written so far is already adequate for the present moment. I will try my best to write and post more while I’m still inspired. This will be a reminder for myself.