Artistic Pizza For You!

If you want a pizza, take time to watch our video! You will be delighted by the recipes we made to fill your hungry stomach. Home-made pizzas made by Xander, Penny, Allen, Jeero and Jhonas. Originally made for our Art Appreciation subject by Prof Geths Hilario. Each one of us artistically made each pizza: Pizza ala Calle, Pizza Salamis and Pizza Carocheese. We designed it through our imaginative minds and creative hands. No worries about the price, all of the ingredients are affordable and common to the masses, especially to the Filipino people.


Pizza ala Calle. Inspired by the foods found in the street, mainly Kikiam and Fishball. We thought making a pizza out of these street foods because a lot of people likes to eat Kikiam and Fishball. What about Adobo Kikiam and Nilagang fishball the next time we’ll have a cooking project? Why not?

Pizza Salamis. Curious what a Salami is, we took the opportunity to have it as the main ingredient in making a pizza. Yep, you read it right—curious. We were in the market looking for recipes then we saw Salami, it’s like a ham but it’s not really a ham or something like that. Whatever. So, we just bought it and then made it a pizza.

Pizza Carocheese. A pizza made for everyone. A pizza for the vegetarian. It’s made up of carrots and cheese. So flavorful and healthy. Another way of presenting a pizza without the meat.


The ingredients are flashed on the video. You may pause it for a while and take down notes. You may also create your own pizzas and try different ingredients. Just feel free and let your imagination flow to create something new. Thank God for the food. Thank  you very much for reading. Enjoy watching. Hope we’ll get a high grade! LOL 🙂