English Exam

International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a standardized examination to measure one’s proficiency and competency in speaking, reading, writing and listening in the English language. Fortunately I already took the exam, got the results and realizing its positive implications.

I took the IELTS Academic through IDP at Shangri-La Makati last August 29, 2015. There were lots of people, one of the many proofs that lots of Filipinos really wanted to go out of the country. It costs me Php 8,400! It is really expensive so I told myself that I should only take this once because I don’t want my money to get wasted. I made sure that I was calm during the exam day and have a presence of mind. Focus and self-confidence are must plus several other things.

After waiting for 13 days, preview of results were provided through IELTS website. I was so nervous; more tensed than the actual exam. I got a score of 6.5 in Writing, 7.0 in Speaking, 7.5 in Listening and 8.0 in Reading with 7.5 Overall Band Score (OBS). First off, I couldn’t believe that I just got a 6.5 band score in Writing because I think that it is my second strongest skill. But still, I am thankful that my score is point five higher than the score I need. I will just take it as a challenge, a need for me to improve in this area. Secondly, I was amazed by my score in Speaking. I can say that speaking is the hardest part for me because I’ve got to be spontaneous, think fast of an appropriate answer to every question thrown and properly find and construct words in my brain then at the same time deliver them with correct pronunciation and fluency. Unlike the other three, this module can’t be edited with a pencil eraser. What I said at that moment was recorded and was the only answer which can be accepted. So, this score was really acceptable for me. Next is the listening module. Truth be told, I was shocked in my score because at the exam, I wasn’t able to properly hear some phrases and quite not sure if my answers were correct. I was already expecting a lower band score for this module but I am happy that I got a high result. Lastly, I consider Reading as my strongest skill because I am a wide reader. Well, I got a score of 8.0 which is a testament that I can really read! Then, Overall Band Score is computed by adding all the scores divided by four. So (6.5+7.0+7.5+8.0)/4=7.25 . Then, it was rounded off so I got a 7.5 OBS.

Taking IELTS and obtaining a passing score is beneficial for me. Aside from it being a requirement in several institutions abroad, I was also able to improve my communication skills in the English language. But that doesn’t stop there because I still have to practice some more for improvement. Overall, I am grateful and happy to be one step closer to my goal. To be continued.

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