I Was In Love With You

heart-love-poemI don’t know what should I call what I felt
It was like defining something unknown.
But nevermind, I don’t think of giving it a label.
I was just so happy that moment was born
When you looked at me and our eyes met,
I was like a melting chocolate as the sun set
It made my mind fly and never will i forget
You were a piece of gold I always kept
I watch your lips as it move
Telling me something I can’t decipher
You never have anything to prove
Coz for me you’re always the winner
Yes we had times of stress
But with you it was always a recess
When you told me I was the best
I couldn’t say anything, I was speechless.
If I could hold your hands again
I swear I will do summerset
Then once again it will rain
Like the time when we first met
How could I ever find someone like you?
I keep telling myself you’re not the one
But in my heart it was always you
So please just let me be the one
I don’t know what else to say.
I just miss you a lot.
Hope you remember those days
We were inseparable like knots