Memento Vivire No. One


It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Busy — not properly allocating time to think what to write about — and uninspired — not motivated enough about what has been happening around — were my two reasons, I think, why I was on hiatus. But now, I felt the urge to tell an invisible crowd whatever random suppressed thoughts I have. One of this blog’s main purpose is to serve as a therapeutic tool in expressing myself and I am compelled to take advantage of it.

The best is yet to come. A phrase which has become my mantra from last year. I was really looking forward to it. This year, I think it was answered. I’ve just been from Malaysia and things turned out pretty well than yesteryear. I am really grateful for the unexpected opportunity given to me. Despite the stress it brought along, there are still far better things I can hold on to: learning something new, travelling farther, gaining experience, meet nice people, work with an amazing team. And yes, the best things in life will keep on coming.

I’ve been to different places around Kuala Lumpur — all touristy spots. I’ve told myself I should blog about it. I wanted to, and I will. Dozens of pictures and videos are already stored on my photo library. Motivation and inspiration are all I needed to write about it. Might take some time but I will make sure it will be worthy to read. Memories, memories are all we have. Cry, try not to cry.

Someone divulged an information I’ve withheld for a while. Actually, it was more like an open secret. People in my circle already knew about it a long time ago and I neither confirm nor deny because I think it is better if it remained as it is — stay the same on the surface but nonetheless be bold and loud underneath. Oh well, but as I said, it was already revealed so there is nothing more I can do but to add more fuel to the fire. Unless there will be a stream of water ready to kill the blaze and leave the ashes onto the air — take everything into nothingness. Fortunately for me, that hasn’t been the case yet. Let’s see how it goes. I hope this is unlike those fireflies which got burned because they were too much attracted with the light coming from the gas lamp. Keep your distance but never leave. Keep your presence and feel the heat. Give me a chance, make my heart beat.

Gladly, no one’s ever gonna read this post in full length. Because who would? Who will bore themselves with something uninteresting as this? It is a relief that I could tell the world what’s on my mind. Publicly reveal my inner thoughts without causing too much attraction. Even if I post this on social media, nobody would give a shit and that’s a reality I have accepted long before. After all, this site is all just about me. People perhaps will just glance at it, never comprehend what is written. I am free to speak out. Gladly.


Peter · 9 July 2017 at 1:52 PM

Ni like ko na sa facebook pre.

Marvs · 10 July 2017 at 2:12 AM

I read this in full length haha… I mean this post is way shorter than my travel stories…
Whatever’s going on in your life pre, they are for a reason. Sounds cliche but yeah, because they are. We just have to keep on going with heads above the water.

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