My Unannounced 23rd Birthday

Greetings by my family, friends, and some acquaintances makes me happy. Specially when they really remembered it without the social web’s help. It makes it more meaningful and special. I am not in a game of “let me see who actually remembers my birthday” because I already know who they are. I just wanna lie low and never be inundated. I’m lucky and thankful that my family and close friends still know. Authentic and real. Priceless.

A secret birthday because I hid it on Facebook and Skype. No notification sent to people to remind them that it was my day. If such thing happened, they would have sent me messages, greeting me a happy birthday. And I would have responded to them with likes and thanks to appreciate their effort. Artificial.

Being the center of attention is not really my type of thing. I feel like my birthday is just another awkwardness for me as people give me special attention when I actually just enjoy celebrating it quietly. In fact, I prefer to spend my special day just like any other day. Exceptional.

I appreciate people who took the time to message me a “Happy Birthday” though. But it was actually quite lonely when somebody greet me and that was the only time we would communicate ever. When I track back our messages with each other then I’ll notice that it was a just couple of holiday greetings and happy birthdays and nothing more. Well at least they remembered me. Thoughtful.

I wanna be noticed because I did something cool or extraordinary and not because it was my birthday or fb announced it. Some kind of celebration for something like an achievement or promotion or whatever positive thing which happened in my life. That would be ecstatic. Hopeful.

So how was my 23rd birthday? Let’s just say it was the way I wanted it to be…