Everything is Possible

Day will come where I don’t have to look at those price tags anymore. Whichever clothes I like to wear, things I like to possess and gadgets I want to collect, I’ll just grab it and pay in the counter without thinking how much will it cost me. The mansion that I designed few months ago will be built up into reality. Drive a red Porsche car wherever I want. Travel around the Earth. Immerse with the country’s natives and learn their language and culture. Savor the flavor of every delectable food I eat.


Build a company and secure my financial stability. Not to forget to have the best health services possible so I will also have a healthy body and mind. And also, I am going to share those moments with my family and friends. No matter how far I have traveled, I will not forget where I came from. I will keep my feet on the ground. Never forget the people who helped me. In return I will also help those people whore are in need. Always love and understand my family and friends. And thank God for every single blessing He keeps on showering me. This, one day, will come. I will always pray and patiently wait. Keep dreaming and believing.